Standard Web Site Packages

GivingYouSite Standard website packages contain everything a small business needs to put its business on the Web, except fees for hosting webpages on an Internet Service Provider's computer. While we're not in that business, we can recommend to our clients some of the best and most economical Internet Service Providers we've found. Here's what we include in our Web sites:


We request that our clients submit their text to us in standard word processor format on a diskette, or via email. We recommend each web page to be three to six screens in length as the practical maximum length.

Custom Graphics

We include a custom-designed masthead with each of our website packages, somewhat like the large masthead you see at the top of the front page of a newspaper.

We'll incorporate your company logo, if you have one, into the graphic and will be careful to reflect the appropriate "corporate image" your organization projects. Unless you have a single-page Web site, our custom graphics package also includes a top-of-page graphic based on the masthead for the rest of the Web pages on your site (or we can use the full-sized masthead on all the pages, if you desire).

An image navigation bar is included on all but the single-page Web sites to enable you to navigate through the site without getting lost. An image map bar will help keep your customer from getting disoriented. Click on any word and it will take you to the main sections of the site.

Sample Image Navigation Bar Graphic

This is what a typical small business Web site might look like. As you can see, it can be easy to get lost among a large website. Use the diagram below to help visualize what your site might look like.

Typical Web site layout

Lastly, we include a background image or color. Generally we recommend a white or light background for best readability and contrast but your choice of images will determine the best background color or image to use. We'll be glad to use any color or texture you prefer.


Our websites include a basic consultation with you to determine a basic Web marketing strategy for your Internet presence. We will spend time with you on the telephone listening to your business plans, and helping you develop a realistic plan to market your products or services on the Internet. We'll advise you on ways to increase your web site traffic as well as help you design your web site to maximize its effectiveness.

Response Form

One of the most powerful features of your Web site will be an order form or response form. People who visit your site will give you their name, address, phone number (if you ask), as well as details about information they are looking for. You can also use this as an order form.

Photos and Graphics

We've found that your website is really enhanced by the use of colorful graphics or photos. We'll scan in the photos you send us or you can select some low-cost photos which will give your website a sharp appearance. Thousands of photos are available at the following websites: Just write down the photo's number and give it to us. We'll download the photo and insert it on your webpages, and pass on the nominal costs of the web license for the photo use to you in your final bill.

Installing Your Web Pages

Once you've approved the layout and design of your webpages, we upload your webpages on one of our host servers for review prior to installing on your final web host of choice.

Advertising on Web Search Engines and Directories

How will your potential customers find you? Part of our service includes advertising the address of your web site to hundreds of search engines, directories and listings sites.


If you're brand new to the Internet you'll probably want us to do the updating of your site for a while. We include this minor updating service in our fee over the first six months. Minor updating constitutes up to one hour per webpage; including things like price changes, adding or deleting a sentence or paragraph, etc. We encourage our clients to learn to do their own updating of the website, but we can continue to do updating for a modest fee if that's your preference.


We've priced our Standard Web Site Packages to be well within the range of small business:
Single-page Web Site $250
6-Page Web Site $800
12-Page Web Site $1,200
20-Page Web Site $2,000

For details see our Web Site Packages, Prices and Options page.

Please contact us today to discuss this more and to begin getting you a presence on the world wide web:


We look forward to serving you, and helping your business become a success on the Web.

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